Governor Polis Convenes Congressional Redistricting Commission

Monday, March 15, 2021

DENVER - Today, Governor Jared Polis convened the Congressional Redistricting Commission, pursuant to section 44.2(1)(a) of article V of the Colorado Constitution. The Commission will be responsible for determining the boundaries for Colorado’s Congressional districts and may be tasked with determining the boundaries for an 8th district, dependent upon reapportionment data from the federal government.

“The twelve individuals chosen are uniquely positioned to discharge this duty in light of their combined skills and backgrounds, and they represent a diversity of viewpoints and life experiences that even the best intentioned professional staff cannot replicate,” said Governor Polis.

The members of the Commission are Jolie Brawner (U, CD 1), Martha Coleman (D, CD 2), Moussa Diawara (U, CD 5), Paula Espinoza (D, CD 4), Carly Hare (U, CD 4), Jason Kelly (R, CD 3), William Leone (R, CD 7), Danny Moore (R, CD 6), Lori Smith Schell (U, CD 3), JulieMarie Shepherd Macklin (R, CD 6), Simon Tafoya (D, CD 1), and Elizabeth Wilkes (D, CD 5). The Governor appointed Carly Hare as the temporary chair of the Commission until members elect a chair, vice chair, and other officers. 

Pursuant to section 44.4 of article V of the Colorado Constitution, the Commission must complete public regional hearings on the preliminary plan by July 7,  and adopt a final plan to be submitted to the Colorado Supreme Court for its consideration by September 1. Further information about the Commission’s work can be found at