Governor Polis Urges Governors to Call on Congress for Energy Assistance Relief for Utility Customers

Monday, March 1, 2021

DENVER - Governor Polis encouraged the nation’s governors to request federal energy assistance as part of the next COVID relief package, to hold utility customers harmless from increased heating and electricity costs due to recent severe storms across the country.

In a memo to the National Governors Association, Gov. Polis outlined this year’s extreme winter events, exacerbated by COVID’s financial strain on U.S. households, which demonstrates the need to extend additional federal energy assistance support to utility customers.

“NGA should ask the federal government to provide energy assistance relief to states in the next COVID relief package.  Longstanding energy burden challenges across many states were significantly exacerbated by the recent extreme winter weather conditions in Colorado and much of the central United States. This event resulted in unprecedented natural gas and wholesale electricity prices and volatility across virtually all U.S. markets,” Governor Polis said in the memo. 

Read the Governor’s memo to the NGA.