Governor Polis Provides Update on COVID-19 Response & Vaccination Progress

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

DENVER- Today, Governor Jared Polis provided an update on Colorado’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the State’s efforts to vaccinate Coloradans. Governor Polis was joined by Linda Sosa and Rebecca Vasquez, both of whom are 70 and up and have received the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“With every vaccine that we get into arms, we are another step closer towards ending the pandemic and getting back to the Colorado we love. This week marks the start of Colorado’s efforts to open the vaccine up to those aged 65 and older, as well as making it available to our educators and childcare providers through their employers,” said Governor Polis. “Colorado continues to be one of the leading states when it comes to getting vaccines administered and we are working hard to meet people where they are at. As access to the vaccine expands and additional doses from the federal government increases, the state is determined to keep it up.”

Governor Polis announced that Colorado’s vaccine allocation from the federal government will increase by 9,000 doses starting next week. The update was made public today during a weekly call between the White House and governors. At this new rate, Colorado is expecting an additional 27,000 vaccine doses over the next three weeks from the federal government. 

Governor Polis also provided an update on community-based and mass vaccination clinics that he has visited. SCL Health vaccinated 5,000 Coloradans and National Jewish vaccinated 1,000 people. Colorado is partnering with Salud Family Health Center, SCL Health, UCHealth, National Jewish Health, Valley Wide Health and many other organizations to stand up vaccination clinics to serve medically underserved and hard to reach communities throughout the state.

Linda Sosa and Rebecca Vasquez, who both received the vaccine as part of the aged 70 and older population, discussed their recent COVID-19 vaccination experiences in both English and Spanish.

“It was a nice experience and I feel safe now. When I got the vaccine, I didn’t feel anything,” said Linda Sosa. “This is a process, you have to have trust that you will get vaccinated. Thank you for being there Governor.” 

“My experience was fast, we went to the site once we got the appointment, we filled out a questionnaire on my health to take the vaccine. The only information I was asked for was my zip code and birth date. I got the shot inside the car and staff moved us inside with paramedics to make sure I didn’t have a reaction. And then I got to go home, it was very fast and very nice. Thank you Governor Polis for guiding us through this process,” said Rebecca Vasquez. 

As of Monday, the vaccine is now available to those aged 65 and older, as well as educators and child care workers. Coloradans aged 70 and older will still continue to be prioritized, as the state is set to reach its goal of vaccinating 70% of those aged 70 and up by the end of this month. 

Governor Polis also extended an Executive Order authorizing Executive Directors of certain agencies to promulgate and issue emergency rules extending the expiration date of licenses and other documents due to COVID-19 in Colorado. 

For more information on how to sign up to receive the vaccine, please visit or call 1-877-CO VAX CO (1-877-268-2926). 

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