Gov. Polis Provides Update on Colorado’s COVID-19 Response & Vaccination Progress

Friday, January 15, 2021

Denver - Today, Governor Jared Polis provided an update on Colorado’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the State’s efforts to vaccinate Coloradans. Governor Polis was joined by Dr. Kit Kieling, President & COO of Orderly Health. 

In an effort to continue making the free COVID-19 vaccine as accessible as possible, today Governor Polis signed an Executive Order ensuring that the vaccine is free for Coloradans, and insurance status will not be used to deny or deprioritize any patient from getting the vaccine. The state wants to ensure there are no barriers to accessing the vaccine. The Executive Order directs the Colorado Division of Insurance to enact a rule regarding rates for COVID-19 vaccine administration. 

“The vaccine is free and there should be no barriers to receiving it when that time comes,” said Governor Polis. “Vaccines are the path back towards the Colorado we all know and love, and to ensure that can happen as quickly and easily as possible, our State must make sure the vaccine is accessible to all.” 

“We should all be proud of Colorado for hitting our target goal of vaccinating the majority of those in Phase 1A, meaning that a majority of our State’s high-risk healthcare workers have received at least their first dose of the vaccine,” said Governor Polis. “This victory means that our front line healthcare workers who have worked day in and day out to care for COVID patients have the protection they need to continue their commendable work until all of Colorado is vaccinated. Our State has also made significant efforts towards vaccinating our seniors ages 70 and older, who are at the greatest risk of dying from COVID and they now become our top focus.”

Governor Polis provided an update on how Colorado businesses experiencing financial hardships due to the pandemic can receive the support they need. The Colorado Department of Local Affairs is continuing to manage the Small Business Relief Program. Through this $35 million program, local governments have been able to distribute grants to small businesses hurt by the pandemic. Small businesses that are interested but haven’t applied should reach out to their local government soon, as most applications are closing at the end of January. Visit for more information.

“Orderly Health received $130,000 in funding through the Paycheck Protection Program and with that, we took five full-time employees and expanded our company by hiring more Coloradans and creating a diverse talent pool,” said Dr. Kit Kieling, President & COO of Orderly Health. “Governor Polis, I appreciate the opportunity to share our experience and am thankful for the Paycheck Protection Program.” Orderly Health is a provider of a data management system that helps clients improve the accuracy of their healthcare data. 

Applications for the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) reopened earlier this week. Colorado’s Office of Economic Development is working with the federal government to make sure our State’s businesses are getting access to these funds. Businesses can visit for more information on how to apply. 

View today’s presentation and press conference