Joint Statement from Governor Polis & Congressman Ken Buck on Events in Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

DENVER - Today, Governor Jared Polis and Congressman Ken Buck released the following joint statement on recent events in Washington, D.C. 

“In America, we hold free, fair, and secure elections and we honor the outcome. We respect the rule of law and an assault on our democratic republic is an assault on all of us who believe in our constitution and what makes our country extraordinary. We respect the peaceful transition of power. The alarming scenes that are unfolding in Washington are something you might expect to see in countries far from our shores, not in our nation’s capitol, and certainly not in the hallowed halls or on the floor of Congress. We are relieved that Colorado’s federal delegation is safe. We all must step up to protect the institutions of our republic, free and fair elections, and the rule of law.”