Governor Polis Provides COVID-19 Update Alongside Healthcare Workers

Friday, November 20, 2020

DENVER -  Today, Governor Jared Polis was joined by two frontline healthcare workers as he provided an update on Colorado’s response to COVID-19. 

“We’re facing the most dangerous period yet in the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is the time to be extra cautious. Even though many of you are doing what you need to do to protect yourself and those around you, we can all do a little more to be safer. That means avoiding personal gatherings, connecting with friends virtually and wearing a mask in public,” said Governor Polis. “We’re all in this together — the next few weeks are absolutely critical and we have to bear down to get through this pandemic with lives and our economy intact. We must do this for ourselves, loved ones, frontline workers and everyone working hard to keep our community safe.”

The U.S. reached a grim milestone earlier this week, with more than 250,000 Americans losing their lives to COVID-19 since the pandemic began — twice the number of Americans lost in World War I. In Colorado, more than 2,700 lives have been lost, and more than 12,000 people are currently hospitalized with the virus. 

Earlier this week, Governor Polis and the Colorado Department of Public Health released updates to the COVID-19 Dial in response to the rapid spread of the virus. 1 out of every 49 Coloradans are infected with this virus. 

Joining the Governor today to share their experiences with the pandemic were Dr. Alan-Michael Vargas, Chair of Board of Directors for Colorado Rural Health Center and Physician at the Grand River Health Clinic, as well as Marisa Duran, who also works at the Grand River Health Clinic as the Clinic Manager. Ms. Duran shared her experience as a COVID survivor. 

“Living and practicing medicine in rural Colorado, it would have been easy to imagine COVID as something that only plagues urban areas, but even though our neighbors can be separated by acres of land, we’re seeing it spread through our communities,” said Dr. Vargas. “I’ve spent hours of the last weeks wearing a rubber gown in our respiratory clinic. What works to prevent this is minimizing our individual risk through mask wearing and social distancing.”

“It’s very hard to say where I got COVID - the grocery store, work, a friend. My symptoms hit me really quickly, without warning. I never thought that I had COVID or that my test results would come back positive,” said Ms. Duran. “I’m a pretty healthy woman and it really took the best of me through the whole process.”

Governor Polis spoke with Dr. Anthony Fauci, M.D., NIAID Director today about the COVID-19 pandemic this afternoon. The Governor extended an invitation to Dr. Fauci to join him virtually in Colorado in the near future to share his expertise. 

Yesterday, the Governor shared specific details of the legislation that will be addressed during the Special Session of the 72nd General Assembly, scheduled to commence on Monday, November 30 at 10am. This session will be focused on providing COVID-19 relief due to the absence of federal assistance or aid. 

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