Governor Polis Signs Bills into Law

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

DENVER  - Today, Governor Polis is signing legislation into law. One of the Polis administration's top priorities over the next four years is to build more housing options for every Colorado budget. This afternoon, Governor Polis signed HB23-1189 Employer Assistance For Home Purchase Tax Credit - Representatives Shannon Bird and Ron Weinberg, Senators Rachel Zenzinger and Kyle Mullica and HB23-1255 Regulating Local Housing Growth Restrictions - Representatives William Lindstedt and Ruby Dickson, Senator Julie Gonzales which take important steps to cut red tape that limits housing options. 


“Colorado is facing a housing crisis, and we must all work together to create more housing opportunities for every Colorado budget, not limit them,” said Governor Polis. “I  look forward to continuing to build on the action taken this year to create more housing, save people money and ensure people have the resources they need to live and work in our state. I am particularly pleased that the local housing growth restrictions bill, and important part of our more housing now goals, is now the law of Colorado.”


Governor Polis signed HB23-1068 Pet Animal Ownership In Housing - Representative Alex Valdez, Senators Faith Winter and Sonya Jaquez Lewis and HB23-1186 Remote Participation In Residential Evictions - Representatives Mandy Lindsay and Iman Jodeh, Senators Tony Exum and Sonya Jaquez Lewis which improves the rights of renters. 


To protect democracy and improve transparency, Governor Polis signed HB23-1245 Campaign Practices For Municipal Elections - Representatives Jennifer Parenti and Jenny Willford, Senators Kevin Priola and Robert Rodriguez. 


Governor Polis is committed to making Colorado one of the ten safest states and today signed SB23-249 False Reporting Of Emergency - Representatives Barbara McLachlan and Gabe Evans, Senators Jeff Bridges and Kevin Van Winkle and SB23-277 Public Safety Programs Extended Uses - Representatives Alex Valdez and Matt Soper, Senators Janet Buckner and Kevin Van Winkle which improve public safety and invests in more support for law enforcement workforce. 


Colorado is a leader in the cannabis industry and Governor Polis continues to support the industry's development. Today, Governor Polis signed SB23-271 Intoxicating Cannabinoid Hemp And Marijuana - Representatives Chris Kennedy and Marc Snyder, Senators Dylan Roberts and Kevin Van Winkle which creates new economic opportunities for Colorado in the hemp industry.  


Governor Polis is committed to saving people money and cutting healthcare costs and today signed HB23-1002 Epinephrine Auto-injectors - Representatives Javier Mabrey and Iman Jodeh, Senator Dylan Roberts and HB23-1112 Earned Income And Child Tax Credits - Representatives Shannon Bird and Mary Young, Senators Chris Hansen and Chris Kolker. 


Yesterday, Governor Polis signed legislation into law.


“This session, we have delivered bold investments in Colorado’s strong workforce, and I am proud to sign legislation today that builds upon that important work by connecting Coloradans to good-paying jobs and supporting our hardworking Parks and Wildlife Officers,” said Gov. Polis. 


At Chatfield State Park, Governor Polis signed the bipartisan SB23-163 Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officers Classified As State Troopers - Representatives Iman Jodeh and Mike Lynch, Senators Perry Will and Kyle Mullica to support Colorado’s hardworking Parks and Wildlife Officers who help protect and maintain Colorado’s world-class outdoors, while ensuring that Coloradans and visitors stay safe when enjoying the outdoors. 


At Emily Griffith Technical College, Governor Polis signed legislation to connect Coloradans to good-paying jobs and build the workforce for the future, including the bipartisan SB23-003 Colorado Adult High School Program - Representatives Mike Weissman and Don Wilson, Senators Janet Buckner and Bob Gardner and SB23-149 Higher Education Student Financial Aid For Youth Mentors - Representative Jennifer Bacon, Senators James Coleman, and Tony Exum. This legislation connects non-profit organizations with mentors and mentees, providing students with transformative support from mentors. 


Governor Polis signed legislation to make sure that Coloradans of all ages can attend work and school in safe, healthy environments free from harassment or discrimination, including SB23-172 Protecting Opportunities And Workers' Rights Act - Representatives Mike Weissman and Jennifer Bacon, Senators Faith Winter and Julie Gonzales and SB23-296 Prevent Harassment And Discrimination In Schools -  Representatives Jennifer Bacon and Leslie Herod, Senators Faith Winter and Janice Marchman.