Gov. Polis Takes Action on Bills

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

DENVER- Today, Governor Polis signed bills into law and vetoed legislation. 

Governor Polis signed the following bills into law administratively:

  • HB23-1187 Alternatives In Criminal Justice System And Pregnant Persons - Representatives Jennifer Bacon and Judy Amabile, Senators Julie Gonzales and Rhonda Fields

  • SB23-290 Natural Medicine Regulation And Legalization - Representative Judy Amabile, Senate President Steve Fenberg 

  • SB23-255 Wolf Depredation Compensation Fund - Speaker Julie McCluskie and Representative Marc Catlin, Senators Dylan Roberts and Perry Will

Governor Polis vetoed the following bills:

  • SB23-273 Agricultural Land In Urban Renewal Areas - Representative Andrew Boesenecker, Senator Janice Marchman

  • HB23-1146 Employees May Accept Cash Tips - Representative Alex Valdez, Senator Robert Rodriguez

  • SB23-259 Extension Of Credit For Limited Gaming - Representatives Ron Weinberg and Marc Snyder, Senators Dylan Roberts and Mark Baisley