Governor Polis Signs Bills into Law

Thursday, May 18, 2023

LONGMONT - Today, Governor Polis signed the following legislation into law.

“The Colorado way of innovation and collaboration drives our nation-leading work in renewable energy, as we continue to explore new technologies and make bold progress towards achieving 100% renewable energy by 2040. I am excited to take this step today to support agrivoltaics as an innovative path forward to support our hardworking farmers while expanding renewable energy sources,” said Gov. Polis.

This morning in Longmont, Governor Polis signed the bipartisan SB23-092 Agricultural Producers Use Of Agrivoltaics sponsored by Senators Cleave Simpson and Chris Hansen, Representatives Karen McCormick and Matt Soper to boost Colorado’s role as a leader in agrivoltaics and new solar technologies that reduce water consumption on working lands and allow both solar and agriculture to prosper. 

Governor Polis also signed into law HB23-1069 Study Biochar In Plugging Of Oil And Gas Wells sponsored by Representatives Karen McCormick and Judy Amabile, Senators Lisa Cutter and Kevin Priola, building upon the Polis administration’s ongoing work in partnership with the legislature to continue finding innovative and data-driven ways to meet ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Governor Polis also signed the following bills into law administratively:

  • HB23-1042 Admissibility Standards For Juvenile Statements - Representatives Jennifer Bacon and Said Sharbini, Senator Julie Gonzales 

  • SB23-187 Public Utilities Commission Administrative Fee Setting Transportation Services - Representatives Meg Froelich and Jennifer Bacon, Senators Faith Winter and Robert Rodriguez

  • HB23-1264 Update Livestock Health Act - Representatives Karen McCormick and Marc Catlin, Senators Rod Pelton and Janice Marchman