Protecting Colorado’s Water Resources & Pollinators: Governor Polis to Sign Bills into Law

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

BOULDER - Today, Governor Polis is signing bills into law today to protect Colorado’s water resources and pollinators. 

“With these exciting new laws, Coloradans will now have the opportunity to save water at their home, while also saving money, doing their part to be stewards of our environment with composting and recycling, and protect our pollinators,” said Gov. Polis. “We are also continuing to boost Colorado’s role as a national leader in the advanced industries sector, providing bold support to companies that find cures to deadly diseases, innovative solutions to the climate crisis, and keep Colorado at the epicenter of the aerospace industry.”

This morning in Boulder at Harlequin's Gardens, Governor Polis was joined by First Gentleman Marlon Reis, state lawmakers and advocates as he signed the bipartisan SB23-178 Water-wise Landscaping In Homeowners' Association Communities sponsored by Senators Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Perry Will, Representatives Karen McCormick and Mandy Lindsay to remove HOA barriers to water-wise landscaping, and giving Coloradans opportunities to save water with the way they plan their yards. 

Also this morning, at Long's Gardens, Governor Polis was joined by First Gentleman Reis, legislators, and advocates as he signed into law SB23-266 Neonic Pesticides As Limited-use Pesticides sponsored by Senators Kevin Priola and Sonya Jaquez Lewis, Representatives Kyle Brown and Cathy Kipp to protect pollinators from harmful toxins. Taking action to save consumers and local governments money and making it easier for consumers to understand what are and are not compostable products, Governor Polis signed into law SB23-253 Standards For Products Represented As Compostable sponsored by Senator Lisa Cutter, Representatives Meg Froelich and Karen McCormick. He also signed SB23-191 Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Organics Diversion Study, which directs the agency to examine how to improve the diversion of organic materials away from landfills. That bill was sponsored by Representatives Junie Joseph and Cathy Kipp, and Senator Lisa Cutter. 

Later this afternoon at MSU Denver’s Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute, Governor Polis will sign the bipartisan SB23-066 Advanced Industry Acceleration Programs sponsored by Senators Cleave Simpson and Chris Hansen, Representatives Shannon Bird, and Mike Lynch to ensure Colorado continues to lead the advanced industry sector, extending the successful Advanced Industry Acceleration programs for a decade. This high-impact initiative provides critical support to advanced industry companies in Colorado so that they can innovate and develop new products and services.