Diapers and Feminine Hygiene Products No Longer Taxed in Colorado

Monday, August 8, 2022

DENVER - A new landmark bipartisan law signed by Gov. Polis to save people money will end the state sales and use tax on feminine hygiene products and diapers. This law was championed by Representatives Susan Lontine and Leslie Herod and Senators Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Faith Winter. 

“From now on in Colorado, there will no longer be state sales tax on diapers and feminine hygiene products. This new bi-partisan law finally ends the sales tax on diapers and feminine hygiene products permanently and starts saving people money on these necessary products,” said Governor Polis. 

This is one of the 100 ways the Polis administration and legislature are saving people money. The law goes into effect Aug. 10.

"Removing the tax on dignity is a smart move, not only to save Coloradans' money on essential products but to help remove the stigma around these everyday items," said Rep. Susan Lontine D-Denver. "Eliminating the sale taxes on diapers, period, and incontinence products will help improve the affordability of these essential items in a time where inflated prices are hitting working families hard." 

“Every Coloradan deserves to live with dignity, but for far too many, their inability to pay for basic human needs like period products and diapers means they can’t,” said Senator Faith Winter, D-Westminster. “I’m proud to have helped pass this law that removed the tax on dignity while ensuring that Coloradans can save money on essential items. This commonsense step will help countless families afford these products so they can maintain their own health and care for their loved ones.”

New laws to cut taxes for child care centers, early childhood educators, and seniors also will kick in this week. 

“Too many Coloradans and their families are going without necessary hygiene products and this law eliminates the state sales tax on these essential products, making them more affordable," said Leslie Herod, D-Denver. “Eliminating the sales and use tax on period products, diapers and incontinence products makes these essential products more accessible and saves Coloradans money when they need it the most. Our law also paves the way towards destigmatizing hygiene products that millions of people rely on every day.”

"For too long, Colorado families have been forced to pay sales taxes on essential hygiene products. This inequity impacted low-income folks and communities of color the most, especially as we continue to feel the effects of inflation, which is why we took action,” said Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis, D-Boulder County. “This is about dignity. The more we can make these products affordable, the more access folks will have to these essential products, and the more money folks across our state will save.”

This new bipartisan law was cheered by community leaders when it was signed into law this year. 

“Every Coloradan deserves to live with dignity. For far too many essential products like diapers, incontinence products, and period products are out of reach. The passage of HB22-1055 which exempts sales tax for these essential products will allow for Colorado women and their families to go to work, child care, and school while saving their family money.” - Lauren Y. Casteel, president and CEO, The Women’s Foundation of Colorado.