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Welcome to Colorado.gov's Web Development Center. The purpose of the Web Development Center is to unlock access to government data so that it can be deployed using a broad range of software developed in the public and private sectors. By facilitating software developers' access to publicly available government data, we hope to further the possibilities of creativity and enrich the end user's experience.

It is impossible to predict the various ways that developers may "mash up" this information. By leveraging the combined efforts of many creative companies and individuals, important government information will be made available to the maximum number of citizens at little or no cost to the agency or the state.

On the Web Development Center site, you will find the following:

  • Data formats such as KML, XML and ESRI Shape files available for download
  • Detailed data information for each available file type
  • Examples of web sites that currently use some of the available data
  • Glossary of terms related to the data on our site
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