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In General

We have had large accumulations of snow recently and are asking for as much cooperation with our snow removal as possible.  The Town of Rangely starts plowing with the accumulation of 3/4”.  Main Street, school routes and emergency routes are cleared first with residential routes cleared as allowed.  During fast accumulations we may not be able to clear residential routes as quickly or efficiently as we would like. We will will come back when conditions allow or when thawing occurs for clean-up work.  

Below are a few guidelines which would be of great assistance in accomplishing these tasks;

Basketball Hoops, Trash Cans, Vehicles, boats and campers would be best moved to driveways and garages in order to allow Public Works mobility and access to the whole street.


When plowing is required, snow berms may be created across driveways and/or over sidewalks. The Town tries to keep this problem to a minimum. Removal of snow in the driveway or sidewalk adjacent to the property is the responsibility of the property owner.

Private Snow Plowing

Property owners should be aware that the placing, dumping or pushing of snow onto Town streets, property corners and right-of-ways from adjacent properties is prohibited. This is also a municipal code violation.  This only exacerbates an already difficult problem.   Also, please do not move snow already on the streets and pile this snow into drainages or onto your neighbor’s property.

There are currently large piles of snow that have been created on lots, on the side of streets and parking areas around Town.  Please warn children that those are very dangerous and that tunnels or forts can collapse very easily.

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