Noxious Weeds

The Town of Estes Park Parks Division handles the noxious weed control on Town property. In addition, the Town teams up with the Estes Land Stewardship Association (ELSA) to hold a Weed Round Up and one or two monitored weed drop offs. For 2017 there is a Weed Roundup scheduled for July 22 and monitored weed drop offs in August and, depending on funding, September.

The Estes Park Weed Roundup is the Estes Valley's "Noxious Weed University" where participants will receive expert assistance identifying unknown, weedy plants, learn how to rid their yards of pesky weeds, and take home educational materials about invasive plants. This year the Estes Land Stewardship Association (ELSA), Larimer County and the Town of Estes Park will hold two or three separate weed events (funding dependent). The Annual Weed Round Up will take place July 22 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 666 Elm Road. The monitored weed drop offs will be held August 26 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 666 Elm Road and, if funding/donations allow, another will be held September 23 . Pulled weeds must be in large paper lawn bags, available at local hardware and lawn and garden stores. Plastic bags and non-weed materials cannot be accepted. These events are being made possible with the support from ELSA, the Town of Estes Park, and Larimer County.

The Town-sponsored free weed drop-off site has closed due to funding constraints and public misuse by dumping trash and other materials. Residents may dispose of noxious weeds at the free weed events or pay a standard disposal fee at the Estes Park Transfer Station. 

*  The Town of Estes Park is currently participating in a study to control the invasive weed known as "cheat grass," Cheat grass is a rapidly growing problem in the Estes Valley, overtaking native plants, compromising wildlife habitat and increasing fire danger. The study will occur 2016-2018 as a partnership among Colorado State University, Larimer County and the Town of Estes Park's Parks Division. Study areas are marked with small flags and located on Town-owned parcels at Highway 7 & Community Drive, Elm Road off Highway 36, as well as off of Fish Hatchery Road. Informational signs have been posted. The study evaluates the effectiveness of a product used to control cheat grass at high elevations.

For more information, please contact either the Town of Estes Park - Parks Supervisor, Brian Berg, at 970-577-3783 or, or  Bill Pawleshyn, Weed Specialist with Larimer County Department of Natural Resources at 970-498-5753.


Helpful Documents:

Upsetting the Balance: Invasive Weeds in the Estes Valley

Section 8.04.030 of the Estes Park Municipal Code

Fourteen Very Unwanted Weeds in the Estes Valley

For more information please contact Public Works at 970-577-3587 or