Vacation Rental Regulations

Vacation Home registration is required for the leasing or renting of any single-family dwelling, duplex, multiple-family dwelling or any such similar place for a total continuous duration of less than thirty (30) days, for properties located within the Estes Valley Planning Area.

Current Status

As of May, 2019, the Town Clerk's Office now manages the Vacation Home Registration process. After a transition period in the summer of 2019, Vacation Home Registration inspections will be handled by the Police Department.

Even after the torch is passed off, Community Development will maintain a role in Vacation Home administration through:

  1. Conducting Life Safety Surveys (Building Division);
  2. Updating regulations in the Estes Valley Development Code, as needed, (Planning Division); and
  3. Representing petitions in front of the Estes Valley Planning Commission for Large Vacation Homes in residential zones that completed their initial registration prior to March 31, 2017.


Regulations and Information

The most current amendment to the Vacation Home regulations was codified in May 2019, after approval by the Estes Park Town Board of Trustees and the Board of County Commissioners. Additionally, Local Amendments to the International Residential Codes regarding Vacation Homes were adopted in July, 2017. If you are interested in the process by which these regulations are adopted between 2015 and present, download this handout.  

Large vacation homes (hosting more than eight guests at a time) must go through a special review. Find more information about the review process here: LVHR Guidelines and Application

Once you have completed your Vacation Home registration and code compliance inspection, it is time to schedule a Life Safety Survey. The Life Safety Survey Handout provides detailed information about safety requirements, including diagrams and pictures that help owners understand building code compliance. The application for a Life Safety Survey is available here.


Contact Information

Estes Park Town Clerk's Office

Code Compliance (includes Vacation Homes) 
Estes Park Police Department