Estes Park Transit Facility Parking Structure

Visitor Center Transit Facility Parking Structure under construction

Update 03.22.17

Construction progress continues for the Estes Park Transit Facility Parking Structure.The Town's contractor has installed a water line across the river that will allow for fire hydrants at the parking structure. As a result, the temporary path closure has been lifted, allowing access between the Visitor Center to the Lake Estes Trail. Please use caution as this unmaintained path has a rough, rocky surface that is muddy when wet.

Update 03.16.17

Construction continues to progress. The installation of the water line for the new fire hydrants has been completed. On March 20, 2017, the erection of the concrete columns, girders, and spandrels will begin. The anticipated completion remains on track for July, 2017.

Update 03.03.17

The first of the girders have been delivered!

Update 02.13.17

The girders, columns and spandrals are now being fabricated in Colorado Springs, leaving our timeline for March installation in tact. Following are photos of work that has been taking place.


Update 01.09.17

As the winter weather conditions allow, construction of the concrete footings for the Estes Park Transit Facility Parking Structure continues at the Estes Park Visitor Center parking lot south of the Big Thompson River. Relocation of the conflicting buried communication lines is expected this month. Casting of the precast concrete pieces in Colorado Springs is scheduled to occur in February, with installation in March. The Town and its construction manager and general contractor, Heath Construction, expect the project to be complete by summer 2017.

a 4'x7' concrete mockup will be on display at the job trailer by the end of this week to show the proposed colors and textures to be used on the new structure. The project team refined the structure colors to match the natural stone from the adjacent rock cut on US-36 and selected real stone veneer to match the stonework in Bond Park. The public is invited to stop by the project trailer and view the mockup.

Update 12.16.16 

This week the contractor removed a portion of the existing retaining wall along the U.S. 36 frontage (video). The Town has now received the approval signatures on the final utility plans and the Notice to Proceed from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BoR) for the structure foundations, site grading, and buried utilities. Structural drawings were submitted to the BoR for review and approval in early December with anticipated approval to be received in January. The CenturyLink fiber and copper duct bank remains in conflict with the new parking structure. Relocation efforts for the ducting will begin after the contractor installs soil nails and shotcrete shoring on the deep excavation near U.S. 36 for the structure foundation.

Parking area and adjacent trail closed until summer 2017

Construction of the four-story Estes Park Transit Facility Parking Structure began in October at the Estes Park Visitor Center parking lot south of the Big Thompson River. The Town and its construction manager and general contractor, Heath Construction, expect the project to be complete by July 2017, with the facility opening as soon as possible for summer use. The structure will increase parking availability for downtown Estes Park and reduce emissions by allowing more people to park vehicles and quickly access the shuttle systems available at the Visitor Center. Regular project updates will be available at

Construction requires a complete closure of the parking area, at the construction site, until approximately July 2017. For safety, adjacent sections of the sidewalk and multiuse trail will also be closed at the south sides of the Big Thompson River pedestrian bridges and at the east end of the parking lot. The project will not impact operations at the adjacent 9-hole golf course. Occasional closures of one northbound lane of U.S. 36 may be required for foundation and utility installation. Construction will take place weekdays, although occasional weekend work may be necessary.

The south parking lot at the Visitor Center currently provides 102 spaces. The complete four-story facility will provide a total of 412 spaces, an increase of 310 spaces over the lot. 

Based on public input, the facility is designed to complement its natural surroundings and Estes Park Visitor Center. It includes earth tone materials, heavy timber accents, viewing areas at stairway landings, landscaping, seasonal planter accents, and seasonal event flags to provide guests with a sense of arrival.   

The first two stories of the Estes Park Transit Facility Parking Structure are funded by grants from the Federal Transit Administration, Federal Highway Administration, CDOT and Rocky Mountain National Park, plus a local match from the Town. The Town Board voted Oct. 11 to finance the remainder of the structure to allow construction of a complete four-story structure in one phase of development. The Estes Valley Recreation and Park District and Bureau of Reclamation have been key supporters of the project, as well.

A ground-breaking ceremony took place Oct. 13 at the site:

Parking Structure ground-breaking ceremony












These drawings of the future Estes Park Transit Facility Parking Structure represent concepts still under development. This project was unanimously approved in a public hearing with the Planning Commission on August 18, 2015.

EPTH Final EA Estes Parking Complex

EPTH FIR 30 and Planning Commision Drawings


Traffic Impact Analysis Estes Park Transit Hub

Current Tentative Design Schedule  

CDOT Project Delivery Selection Workshop Summary (07/28/2016) - EP Parking Structure 

FTA Region 8 Categorical Exclusion 

Geotechnical Report - Estes Park Transit Facility Parking Structure

Existing parking spaces in Visitor Center south lot = 102
Parking spaces provided by new structure = 412 (an increase of 310 spaces)

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