Request for Proposals / Quotes

Current Request for Proposals (RFP)  and Request for Quotation/Bid (RFQ):

Information for many of the Town of Estes Park's available bid and proposal opportunities will now be posted on the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS) website. RMEPS allows local agencies throughout the region to notify vendors about bidding opportunities, while increasing efficiency and lowering costs for member agencies and taxpayers through shared resources. RMEPS delivers convenient, centralized online access to bid opportunities, reducing paperwork and simplifying the process for vendors to do businesses with the Town. Bid and proposal opportunities will be posted as they become available.

  • Vendors can sign up for basic "Use Search Registration" with Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing, which allows them to search all opportunities at NO COST.
  • Alternatively, vendors may elect to pay for upgraded service including email alerts and bid updates.
  • Vendors must choose the no cost "Use Search Registration" or the upgraded membership (at a cost) during Step 4 of the online registration.

For assistance with registration, please call the RMEPS support department at 1-800-835-4603. Other opportunities may be listed on this page, below.

Vendor Registration: Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing Group

Solicitations:  Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing Group


Other Opportunities:

Department Project Name Due Date 
Utilities Road Base / Pea Gravel Materials February 23, 2017, 2:00 PM MT

This Request for Quotes is for materials necessary for a shared trench for water and electric lines.  The project is scheduled to begin on March 6, 2017 with an estimated completion date of April 14, 2017.  The following materials are required:

1.   3/4" crushed washed rock (sub-bedding):  350 tons
2.   1/8" pea gravel:  1,500 tons
3.   3/4" road base:  400 tons

Approximately 60 tons of pea gravel will be needed on a daily basis for the estimated 5-6 week project period.  Upon selection of suppliers, delivery schedules will be established.

Two other projects will follow through the end of May 2017, which will include the same type of materials as listed above.  Please provide a "unit price" for all materials listed above delivered to Estes Park, as related to the additional projects.

A.  Each material  must be priced individually by line item.  The Town reserves the right to award by line item.
B.  Deadline for accepting quotes in response to this request is Thursday, February 23, 2017 no later than 2:00 p.m. MST.  
C.  Preferred method for submitting responses is electronic submission through Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing Group as described above.  However, responses will be accepted via email, hand delivery or overnight courier service as long as received by deadline date and time listed above.  Email should be sent to Linda Swoboda at, or to Jason Lang at  Delivery can be made at Town Hall, Utilities Department, Suite 100, 170 MacGregor Avenue, Estes Park, CO 80517.
D.  The deadline for submitting questions (preferably electronically) is Wednesday, February 22, 2017 no later than 2:00 p.m. MST.
E.  Delivery point:  FOB job site/stockpile area.
F.   Additional contact information:  Linda Swoboda, Project Manager, 970-672-7140; Jason Lang, Water Division, 970-577-3632.