Moraine Avenue Bridge Upgrades


The Town of Estes Park Light & Power Division will be having an outage in the southwest portion of downtown to begin at 5:00 am on Tuesday, December 12 and is anticipated to last 2 hours. For more information, please contact Michael Todd of Cornerstone Engineering & Surveying, Inc. at 970-586-2458 or email at

Update Dec. 1, 2017

Mobilization of equipment and the start of shoring work on this project is expected to take place Monday, December 4 and Tuesday, December 5. Shoring is the process of installing reinforcing steel and concrete on the trench walls to prevent the exposed soil from sloughing into the excavated area. While shoring work is taking place, there will be times when pedestrians will be stopped for brief periods of time to keep them safe. There will be assistance on-site to help residents and visitors safely navigate the sidewalk alongside the excavation. It is ancitipated that the shoring work will be complete within the next 2 weeks. Once complete, 6-foot fencing will be installed around the perimeter of the project.

The Utilities Department is now performing work closer to the Moraine Bridge. Work will transition from the west side of Moraine to the east side. As a result, new traffic control signage will require drivers traveling south on Rockwell to utilize the west lane to proceed on Moraine Avenue. This is anticipated to occur by December 12. For more information, please contact Michael Todd of Cornerstone Engineering & Surveying, Inc. at 970-586-2458 or email at

Update Nov. 10, 2017

This year, Estes Park celebrates the Centennial of its establishment as a Town. This reminds us that much of our infrastructure is aged. The Town is working to proactively address these concerns before they cause major issues at inopportune times. The Moraine Avenue Bridge Project is one example of a large-scale endeavor that has been scheduled during the off-season to reduce disruption and impacts to local businesses and residents. As made evident by three recent water leaks on Elkhorn Avenue, it is imperative that older water mains be replaced before more of these unpredictable incidents occur. While the replacement of aged water mains is a major undertaking, that causes disruptions in traffic patterns and limits access for visitors and residents alike, emergency water leaks cause even more damage and are a greater expense and inconvenience to all involved. The patience and understanding of business operators, property owners, local residents and visitors is greatly appreciated as we work to improve the Town's infrastructure to benefit everyone.

Work expected in the coming week includes continued utility work, completion of the pedestrian bridge, and signage improvements and additions. Continue to visit this webpage for regular project updates or For more information, please contact the Project Manager, Mike Todd of Cornerstone Engineering,  at 970-586-2458 or

Update Oct. 27, 2017

The Utilities Department is currently trenching in Moraine Avenue in order to upgrade utilities. Blasting will be required under the roadway where rock has been encountered. The area is between 157 Moraine Ave. and south to near Davis Street. This operation is expected to take place on Thursday, Nov. 2. Very little vibration and noise will be noticed as minimal and controlled blasting devices are used. Businesses in the area will be notified in advance by staff. 

A temporary pedestrian bridge will be installed west of the existing highway bridge (up river) for ease of pedestrian access to businesses during the Moraine Avenue bridge construction. Removal of several existing aspen trees and shrubs will be required. Due to the size of the bridge, a crane will be required for unloading and setting. The bridge will be set from the eastern portion of Wiest Drive. In order to ensure public safety and minimize disruption to Wiest Drive, the eastern portion of Wiest Drive is expected to be temporarily closed the morning of Nov. 6, 2017. This will restrict access for deliveries and trash service during the morning.

For more information, please contact Michael Todd of Cornerstone Engineering & Surveying, Inc. at 970-586-2458 or email at

Update Oct. 23, 2017

The Moraine Avenue closure in the bridge area is now in effect. The Rockwell Street one-way has been reversed for westbound traffic (i.e. heading to Rocky Mountain National Park.) Eastbound traffic (i.e. returning to town from the national park) is directed at Crags Drive to take Riverside Drive to Elkhorn Avenue. Please follow detour signs accordingly. Minor adjustments will be made along the south stretch (one-way portion) of Moraine Avenue as needed for utility installation. All businesses on Moraine Avenue are open and all sidewalk accesses to these businesses are open.

Ted Williams, an area business owner, has volunteered to represent the interests and concerns of businesses in the area of the Moraine Avenue Bridge Replacement construction and can be reached at 970-577-0500 or

Work on the Moraine Avenue bridge continues with the relocation and upgrade of utilities in the area. Utility companies on-site include Estes Park Sanitation, CenturyLink and the Town of Estes Park Light and Power Division.

As of the October 18 meeting, the need for blasting has not been determined. Investigations are taking place to determine its necessity. If blasting is required, information will be distributed to Mr. Williams and will be made public via Town communication and the website.

The Town continues to work with the main contractor, Structures, Inc. and their traffic control contractor during this early construction set-up. As the different utilities continue their work along Moraine Avenue south of Rockwell Street, the availability of northbound access along Moraine Avenue will vary. The Davis Parking Lot is anticipated to be open during the upcoming weekends.

There are plans for a temporary pedestrian bridge to help navigate this construction area, keeping people safe and still allowing access to businesses. Every effort is being made to strategically place directional signs to indicate that businesses are open during construction.

Utilities work is expected to be completed by the end of December. Please stay out of the fenced areas. Thank you for your patience during this important flood mitigation project.


The Town of Estes Park and consultants at Cornerstone Engineering & Surveying and RockSol Consulting Engineers have completed the final design of upgrades to the Moraine Avenue bridge crossing Fall River. The new bridge would reduce the risk of Fall River overtopping the road and affecting downtown businesses and residents in a future flood event. Pending CDOT concurrence in fall 2017, construction of the new bridge could tentatively take place fall 2017 through spring 2018.

If the project proceeds to construction, the public will be invited to another meeting to review and provide feedback on construction plans and disruptions. Construction would likely require the closure of Moraine Avenue from Elkhorn Avenue to Rockwell Street sometime during winter 2017-2018; safe access to all businesses would be maintained at all times. This project is unaffiliated with the Downtown Estes Loop, and if both projects were to proceed to construction, there would be no overlap in disruptions.

Design and construction (pending CDOT concurrence) for the upgrade to the Moraine Avenue bridge are funded by a $2 million Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery from the Colorado Departments of Local Affairs and Homeland Security and Emergency Management. As the owner of U.S. 36/Moraine Avenue, the Colorado Department of Transportation has permitted project design and construction, also pending a final review.

Using all available space, an upgraded Moraine Avenue bridge would significantly increase the capacity to convey floodwater within Fall River. The Moraine Avenue bridge is one of five downtown bridges identified as top priorities for flood mitigation and reducing the size of the future mapped floodplain. Other flood mitigation projects are needed for the downtown area, and the Town continues to diligently research and pursue funding opportunities to implement the projects necessary to help reduce the flood risk for the downtown area.

Periodic project updates will be posted to this page.