Flood Mitigation


The Town of Estes Park is taking action to better understand the flood hazards our residents face. The hydrology study report available below is a crucial first step in building a safer, more resilient Estes Park community. The new study replaces a version adopted decades ago and factors in 30 more years of relevant data along with advancements in technology and methodology. Additionally, the study results have undergone a rigorous peer review process to ensure the most accurate and scientifically sound results possible. We're proud to share the following final results of this effort with you. Based on the decisions this information will guide to avoid disaster and save lives and property, we strongly believe the overall value of this information to our community is immeasurable. 

Read the hydrology study report

Contact Engineering Manager David Hook at 970-577-3586 or dhook@estes.org with questions regarding the study.

Help Protect the Estes Park Community From Future Floods

Unfortunately, many more homes and businesses than previously thought are at risk of property damage and economic loss from future flood events.

The 2013 flood taught us that the 30-plus year-old flood data significantly underestimated flood risk, highlighting the need for new floodplain mapping. These new maps are currently being produced as part of the CO Hazard Mapping Project for flood-affected areas including Estes Valley.

The Estes Park community must act now to reduce flood risk

Mitigation efforts made by the Town of Estes Park, business owners and residents can help:

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Residents and businesses can help with flood mitigation by engaging in educational opportunities, providing feedback and supporting the community’s needs. They can also undertake mitigation and resiliency efforts on their own properties. See below for how to participate in community flood mitigation and techniques for floodproofing property.


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