Past Elections - Sample Ballots
February 3, 2015
April 1, 2014


Election Information - Special Municipal Election - February 3, 2015:

Unofficial Results:

Yes: 1652

No: 136

Total Votes: 1,788


On November 25, 2014, the Town Board of Trustees approved Resolution #33-14 which set a Special Municipal Election on February 3, 2015, for the purpose of submitting to the electors of the Town a ballot question on whether or not the Town shall have the right to provide all services restricted since 2005 by Article 27 of Title 29 of the Colorado Revised Statutes described as "advanced services," "telecommunications services" and "cable television services". 


The Town Clerk is the Designated Election Official for all Regular and Special Municipal Elections.  Regular Municipal Elections are held on the first Tuesday in April of even-numbered years to elect members to the Board of Trustees, and bring forward local ballot questions, when necessary.  Candidates for the office of Town Trustee and Mayor for the Town of Estes Park must:

• be a United States Citizen
• be at least 18 years of age
• be a qualified voter in the Town of Estes Park for at least one year prior to the election date.
The Town is not responsible for Special District elections, General Elections, or elections coordinated with the County in November.