Electric Rates and Rate Study

Electric Rates

The purpose of electric rates is to cover the three main costs areas:
  • the costs associated with purchasing power and transmission services from Platte River Power Authority.
  • the costs associated with operating, maintaining and upgrading the distribution system: the power lines, poles, customer service connections, meters, and street lights that make up the local electric system. 
  • the costs associated with customer service, billing and collection, and meter reading.

The different rate groups share out the total cost responsibility between the various customer classes to ensure the financial integrity of the department and the Town.
The current electric rates were set by a rate study in 2016 and are effective until superseded: Electric Rates 2016-2019

Rate Study

The Town of Estes Park conducts rate studies on a three-year cycle to ensure continued high-quality utility services and plan for future upgrades through capital improvement projects. These studies review the cost of providing services as well as projected revenue - the rates paid by customers. The Town's public electric utility is a cost-based entity that relies solely on user fees to operate. Costs and revenues must be balanced in order to maintain operations and keep utilities in line with ever-increasing federal standards and customer needs and expectations.

Previous rate studies were conducted in 2016 and 2011. The planned 2013 rate study and adjustments were waived by the Town Board due to the floods and ensuing recovery efforts.

2019/2020 Electric Rate Study
This study is undergoing final review by department staff and will be presented to the Town Board in early spring: 2020 Electric Rate Study - Final Draft; 2020 Proposed Electric Rates
Residents can also review this information at the Utilities Department in Town Hall, Room 100, and at the Estes Valley Library.

Customers are encouraged to participate in upcoming electric rate discussions at meetings of the Estes Park Town Board. Visit www.estes.org/boardsandmeetings for final dates and complete meeting details:

1) March 10: Town Board meeting to review the draft rate plan
2) Submit comments to the Town Clerk at townclerk@estes.org or Room 130 of Town Hall
3) Due to COVID-19 concerns, the public hearing originally scheduled April 14 has been rescheduled to June 23, tentatively.    
For general information on the electric rate study and newly adopted rates, please contact the Utilities Department at 970-577-3588  or ksterling@estes.org. To learn how the new rates will affect a specific property’s bill, please contact Utility Billing at 970-586-5331