Electric Capital Improvement Projects

2019 Improvement Projects: Carriage Hills Rebuild, Highway 7 TripSaver Installation

Carriage Hills

A recording of the community meeting for this project can be found at www.estes.org/videos.

Light & Power will begin work on electric system upgrades in the Carriage Hills area by early February 2019. This is a continuation of Light & Power’s efforts to steadily upgrade lines in its service area. This project includes installation of insulated aerial power lines to increase system reliability and power quality, protect wildlife and reduce wildfire risk from faulting or sparking lines. The Carriage Hills project area is bordered by Lakeshore Drive on the north,  Larkspur Avenue and Grey Fox Drive on the west, and Fish Creek Road on the east and south. The project is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2019.

Crews will begin the project in February by replacing the three-phase lines running between Larkspur and Spruce Avenues southward towards Ponderosa Avenue and then towards Fish Creek Road. The next priority will be the three-phase line running west along Whispering Pines Driver toward Fish Creek Rd. Once the three-phase line rebuilds are finished, crews will begin work on the single-phase secondary lines in the remainder of the project area. 

As part of the rebuild, crews will replace about half of the poles and upgrade most of the transformers. They will also install aerial conduit for future fiber optic installation for smart grid communications. 

To facilitate this work, crews must access the utility right-of-way along the power lines. Due to the electric system design in Carriage Hills, access will occasionally be off-road and through customers' yards. Crews will attempt to notify customers before accessing the right-of-way through their property. Generally speaking, any given property will be affected for up to one week. Work will take place weekdays between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., weather permitting.

Other customer impacts will be temporary outages (2-4 hours typically) while crews transfer the overhead lines and replace transformers. These outages will only affect properties fed off the transformer being replaced. Crews will attempt to notify affected customers beforehand.

A more detailed schedule and anticipated work areas will be posted here in December. Residents of the project area are encouraged to watch this page for periodic project updates. 

Highway 7 TripSaver Installation

Light  & Power crews will begin upgrading the fuses along the three-phase main line along Highway 7 from Lily Lake to Allenspark to TripSaver Cutout Mounted Reclosers. These improvements will increase electric service reliability across the southern portion of the Light & Power service area. A more detailed explanation of the function and operation of TripSavers can be found on the Electric Maintenance page.


2018 Improvement Projects: Dandie Way/Windham Drive Area, Goblins Castle Area, Long Peak Road Area

Light & Power crews will begin rebuilding the overhead power line in these areas with an insulated aerial power line. The covered lines reduce the chances of faulting or sparking in the event that tree branches brush or lay on the lines. Crews will also be replacing poles and transformers where needed and installing aerial conduit for future fiber optic installation. These improvements will provide area customers with more reliable power and reduce the likelihood of power outages.

Work in the Dandie Way and Windham Drive area began in January and was completed in the first week of April. Work in the Longs Peak area, including Mills Moraine and Diamond View Roads, began in June and was completed in August. Work along Goblins Castle and Babcock Roads began in September and was completed in October. 


Completed Recent Capital Improvement Projects