Community Development - Current Projects

Development in Estes Park is reviewed by Planning Staff, the Development Review Team, and the Planning Commission, and is voted on by the Town Board. As of March 31, 2020, all development projects outside of town limits are reviewed by the Larimer County Planning Staff and the Board of County Commissioners.  Projects of differing complexity may be subject to staff-level or board-level review. Below is a list of projects that are currently under development review or that have been approved in the last six months. Several older projects of high interest to the community are retained on the webpage. 

Click here to download a Snap Shot of Current Projects 

To view current staff reports to be reviewed at the next Board or Commission meeting, please see CURRENT MEETING PACKET, posted 5 days prior to the meeting date.


Development Plans


(e.g. Condominium or Townhouse Maps, Minor Subdivisions, Boundary Line Adjustments

Location and Extent Reviews

Special Reviews


(e.g. Easement and Right-of-Way)

Proposed Code Amendments

Proposed amendments to the Estes Park Development Code are considered and adopted through a public hearing process. Code amendments are first heard by the Estes Park Planning Commission. The Planning Commission forwards a recommendation of approval, denial, or approval with conditions to the Town Board. If the revisions are approved they are adopted into the Estes Park Development Code. A list of recently adopted Code amendments can be found on the Estes Valley Development Code Amendments webpage.