Broadband Initiative

Broadband Update November, 2018

For a substantial period of time, the Town of Estes Park has been pursuing options to improve broadband access (high-speed internet) in the Town’s Light & Power (L&P) service area. With Federal and State grants, the Town completed a feasibility study, followed by a detailed engineering plan. The service area includes more than 300 square miles stretching from Glen Haven through Estes Park, Pole Hill, and down Highway 7 to Allenspark. The estimated cost to install the system is near $30 million.

The Town reached out to private and commercial firms to assess interest in building the system, but the return on investment for private firms was too low -- none saw the entire project as financially enticing. Therefore, the Town employed a consultant to complete financial projections for a Town-owned broadband utility providing a minimum of 1 Gig service to everyone who subscribed. The projections showed a reasonable financial path in which utility revenue bonds could be paid off in 12-18 years. 

The Town Board asked staff to determine the Town's ability to acquire revenue bonds to construct the utility. In the spring of 2018, the Town employed a bond advising firm. Town staff are now working with the advisor to prepare the materials necessary for bond underwriters. 

In November of 2018, staff reported to the Town Board that it is feasible to obtain funding to build the broadband utility through bond sales and the board will consider hiring a bond underwriter. 

Next steps include consideration of hiring a project manager to finalize a business plan including implementation options, marketing and customer service options. This information will lead the board to a final decision point on starting a new utility. Construction could begin in 2019.

As it relates to Highway 7 from Estes Park to Allenspark, the Town’s Light and Power Division installed fiber to Allenspark, primarily for “Smart Grid” purposes. This $1 million project will enable monitoring and proactive maintenance of the electrical grid in that area. It was also designed to have the capacity to support broadband to residents and businesses along Highway 7 into Allenspark.



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