• Owl on ground photo

    Whoooo??? Me??

    Owls, Eagles and Hawks oh my! Let's not forget our feathered friends when speaking about the wildlife in Dinosaur. Birdwatchers and photography enthusiasts alike, will find that Dinosaur, Colorado is an absolute avian oasis! 

    Photo courtesy: Corky Powell Jr. 

  • Buck Deer


    The residents of Dinosaur love the deer that are a big part of our community. Be aware, especially in the winter months, that these magnificent animals do come down into town regularly. Please do not feed the animals and be sure to slow down as you travel through town. This way, you are sure to keep both yourself and them safe.

    Photo Courtesy: Corky Powell Jr. 

  • Setting sun

    Western Skies

    Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular in Northwest Colorado. The clear air and amazing landscape allow for some awe-inspiring moments.  In the words of Forrest Gump "It's hard to tell where Earth ends and Heaven begins." 

    Photo courtesy: Corky Powell Jr. 

  • Steamboat Rock

    Steamboat Rock

    Steamboat Rock, located in Echo Park at the Dinosaur National Monument, is the confluence of the Green River and the Yampa Rivers. At this stunning site, the waters of the Green River meet the brown waters of its largest tributary, the Yampa River. Along both rivers and especially through Echo Park, whitewater rafting is a popular activity.

    Photo courtesy: Corky Powell Jr. 

  • Bull elk

    Dinosaur Colorado is home to the largest Elk population in the world!

    Hunters from all over the world have marked Dinosaur, Colorado as a prime spot for trophy Elk and Deer hunting. Located in the precious GMU #10, Dinosaur, Colorado and the surrounding area is home to the largest Elk population in the world, making hunting a way of life for many in our community. 

    Photo courtesy: Corky Powell Jr.

  • Small buck deer in trees

    Opportunities for wildlife viewing are unlimited!

    Dinosaur and the surrounding area is a wildlife photographer's paradise. Amazing sunsets and sunrises, allow for beautiful lighting opportunities in which to photograph, or simply sit back and watch, the abundant wildlife and stunning scenery.

    Photo courtesy: Corky Powell Jr. 

  • Red rock vista in Dinosaur National Monument

    Dinosaur National Monument

    Places such as Echo Park, Canyon Overlook, Browns Park and the Zenobia Basin are just a few of the places that you can reach when you enter the park just outside of Dinosaur, Colorado and take the beautiful drive along Harpers Corner Road. 

    Photo courtesy: Corky Powell Jr. 

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