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How to Add a Non-Physical Site for Sales & Use Tax in Revenue Online

Revenue Online Log-In Troubleshooting - Browser Authentication

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The 2020 Retail Sales Tax Return Form is Now Available

The DR 0100 has changed for the 2020 tax year. See what has changed...

Did You Know that 84% of Taxpayers Submit their Return Electronically? 

Learn how you can too by using Revenue Online, the Department's FREE tax filing and account management tool.

The 2019 Income Tax Best Practices Guide is Available

This tax season, review the 2019 Income Tax Best Practices Guide for filing tips. Visit the Tax Training web page for more information.

Sales Tax Non-Filer Notices

If you received a notice from the Department about not filing your sales tax return, you have a few options.

Did You Receive a Letter From Us? 

Review this FAQ to find out next steps.

Request a Payment Plan

Watch this video for information on how to request a payment plan. 

Do You Sell Products Online?

Learn more how online and other types of marketplaces impact your sales tax responsibilities. 

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