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Map with color-coded parcels of land The State Land Board Geographic Information System (GIS) catalogues all state owned surface and mineral ownership records, leases and other special management areas. Data is available for viewing in either the online web mapping application (map server), ArcGIS online maps or for download (ESRI shapefile format).

Map Server

Screenshot of Colorado State Land Board map software

Click here to access the online map server to look up land records, find information about leasing and other activities on state land as well as overall characteristics and potential uses.

The fastest way to look up state owned land records is by using the ‘find’ tool to search by Township/Range or Section, County, Lease Number, Lessee Name, Property Name or Lat/Long coordinates.

More help can be found in the help guide under the help tab.

Maps Regarding Recreation on Trust Land

Of the 2.8 million acres of trust land in Colorado, 98 percent is leased for agriculture. Additionally, nearly one-third is leased for recreation. Read a Q&A about public access on trust land

Colorado Hunting Atlas:       

Colorado Hunting Atlas  

Public Access Program Nominations (As of 12/4/19):                                   

GIS Data

Click below to download GIS data (ESRI shapefile format)