SIPA's Micro-Grant Program


The 2015 SIPA Micro-Grant Program will open in November, stay tuned for more information.  All applicants are encourage to join us at the SIPA User Conference and Grant Ceremony on March 29, 2016.

Congratulations 2014 awardees.  Please complete a progress report on your project by September 30, 2015 by clicking this link. Thank you!

To learn more about our grant program, please visit our FAQ sectionGrant Overview or Connect With Us for more information. You can view and read about previous SIPA Micro-Grant winners in the map below.




What criteria are used for awarding a grant to an EGE?
SIPA will be responsible for evaluating grant applications in accordance with the grant minimum requirements/criteria contained within the grant application and the overview.  

What is an EGE? 
The Authority's enabling legislation (C.R.S. § 24-37.7-101 et seq.) allows for SIPA to work with any Eligible Governmental Entity. An Eligible Governmental Entity (EGE) is an agency, office of the Governor, local government, political subdivision, education institution, school district, or any other eligible entity within the State of Colorado. 
What is an EGE Agreement? Does my EGE need one to apply for the SIPA Micro-Grant, and if so, how does an EGE obtain one?
All state and local governments in Colorado can enter into an Eligible Governmental Entity Agreement (Sample EGE Agreement) with SIPA for the purpose of defining circumstances and responsibilities for e-Government services.  All agreements, project requests, and work orders are at the discretion of the governmental entity.  
To work with SIPA, it is necessary for the proposed entity to enter into an Eligible Governmental Entity Agreement with SIPA. This agreement is the first step and simply states that the entity is willing to work with SIPA. It lays the foundation for future projects with the Portal at the discretion of the entity.  
The EGE must have a signed agreement with SIPA prior to the grant being awarded, thus if at the time of application an EGE agreement is not signed, the EGE must certify one will be completed by the grant award date. If an EGE needs a signed agreement or more information, visit our EGE Page or send an email to for more information.  
What if my EGE is unsure whether it can receive the funds?
For grant requests to be awarded for services and/or equipment, the EGE must be able to accept the grant funds from SIPA if awarded.  If not, or if the applicant has any doubt regarding accepting a grant, please provide a plan outlined and approved by the necessary parties, including the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of those necessary parties. This plan will only be accepted as part of the application process. For a grant request to be awarded for a cyber security assessment the EGE will not receive the funds directly, but rather will receive the service or assessment through SIPA’s qualified vendor.
What if my EGE has been awarded funds in the past?
Past SIPA grant applicants are encouraged to re-apply.  Additionally, applicants must answer whether the EGE has applied for and been awarded a grant in the past through SIPA.   In order to receive grant funds for the SIPA 2013 Micro-Grant, EGEs must have expended or encumbered previously awarded funds.
Will SIPA award less than the outlined range of $1,000 or more than $6,500?
Yes, the range of $1,000 through $6,500 is just a preferred range, as smaller and larger grants can be requested and approved.
What is my EGE required to do in return for a grant award?
Grant awardees must submit to SIPA by July 15, 2015, an update on how the grant has solved the problem or situation to be addressed, impacted the EGE’s citizens, key objectives the EGE has achieved with the grant, how the grant has aided the EGE’s operations, and/or the progress of the grant implementation received through SIPA. The grant implementation does not need to be completed by July 15, 2015, but an EGE must provide SIPA an update on the progress.  SIPA will make available an online form for the submission of this information.
What is the difference between the single point of contact for the application and the single point of contact for the project requested?
An applicant must provide contact information for both if the single point of contact for the project requested is different from the person completing the application.  If so, contact information must be provided for both, including email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses. 
Can my EGE submit more than one application for a grant award from SIPA?
Yes, EGEs can submit more than one application requesting funding for a cyber security assessment, services, and/or equipment, but the projects must be separate and distinctly different from each other.  If applying for more than one grant award, an EGE must complete the grant application form for each request and answer a question about the priority of the multiple application forms.   If an entity submits more than one request per form all requests will be disqualified. 
How can my EGE learn more in-person about e-Government services offered through SIPA?
All grant applicants will be sent a save the date invitation for the Grant Award Ceremony.  All applicants, even those who are not awarded grants for SIPA’s 2014 grant year, are encouraged to attend the event to be held on March 31, 2015 and learn about the e-Government services SIPA has to offer for EGEs.  Also, SIPA is present at various conferences throughout the year, please Connect with Us for more information.
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