SIPA Services

WEBSITE HOSTING AND DEVELOPMENT: Thinking about a new website? Let SIPA help you communicate and engage your customers more efficiently and effectively through SIPA oversees the web portal and offers free website hosting and development to state and local governments in Colorado.

PAYMENT PROCESSING: allows entities to provide online payment processing through PayPort and Payment Integration that allow online or over the counter payments.
EVENT REGISTRATION: Need to register an event? provides the ability to register any free or cost-based event, but also help you get things moving along such as track attendance and revenue.
CUSTOM APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Is there an enterprise solution that your entity need that SIPA doesn’t provide? The portal can develop a new service or enhance existing web services to meet the government entity’s needs.
SEND AND RECEIVE SIGNED DOCUMENTS ONLINE: Gather information and signatures, take payment, and save documents with DocuSign to transact business faster.
GOOGLE APPS FOR GOVERNMENT: SIPA provides online applications to help you and your co-workers get more done for less. These web-based office applications include document collaboration with Google Docs, built-in voice and video chat with Google Talk, and other productivity tools such as Gmail and Calendar.
HOSTED COLLABORATION SOLUTION: SIPA partners with GTRI to help you boost your business speed and innovation with services such as voice calls, messaging and voicemail, Instant Messaging on desktop and mobile devices, video conferencing, web conferencing and a unified contact center.
CONTENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (CMS): Do you need a computer application that improves financial performance, reduces risks, and ensures flexibility? SIPA partners with Perceptive Software that closes the information gaps that often exists in every government entity.
CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM): SIPA provides a customer relationship management tool, which is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers through Salesforce. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to help you get and keep customers. Click here to find out more!
CLOUD COMPUTING AND DATA SERVICES: Verizon is collaborating with SIPA to deliver services to enable Colorado government entities to scale services quickly, efficiently, and securely, as well as improve their business continuity and disaster recovery operations. Learn more about Verizon services!
ONLINE LEARNING PORTAL, SIPA UNIVERSITY: In-depth, online training that allows Colorado Government entities and employees to meet compliance requirements, reduce risk, gain additional knowledge and skills… at their convenience!  Hundreds of courses available in Health and Safety, Employment Liability, Human Capital, Defensive Driving, plus OCPO certified courses for Water/Wastewater employees. Click here to learn more! logo          DocuSign         GTRI logo  logo    Google Apps for GovernmentVerizon       Perceptive Software