Statistics and Reports

Welcome to the Office of Research and Analysis statistics and reports page. Our mission is to provide analytical expertise, research, and accurate, timely information to internal and external stakeholders. 

Confidentiality requirements for the Department of Revenue:
The Office of Research and Analysis cannot provide information pertaining to specific companies or taxpayers because it is illegal under Colorado Revised Statute § 39-21-113 (4)(a) which precludes the Department of Revenue from disclosing any information (i.e. Colorado account numbers, names, addresses, return data) from any tax return of any kind.  In order to release information publicly, data are aggregated such that it prevents the identification of a specific return or taxpayer.  Some data are not releasable due to this confidentiality requirement.

Report publishing expectations:
Non-statutory reports are provided as a courtesy on a variable schedule.  These reports are available as soon as data are available and time permits depending on workload.  The Office of Research and Analysis does not maintain a release schedule for non-statutory published reports.

Contact information:
Contact the Office of Research and Analysis by filling out a Statistics Request Form

Additional statistics and reports not published here may be provided by the following offices in the Department of Revenue: