Citizens' Advocate

The Colorado Department of Revenue's Citizens' Advocate works with directors and managers within the appropriate division to offer resolutions on our customers behalf.  In many cases, the advocate will provide an explanation of statutory limitations related to the outcome.  Visit the Citizens' Advocate Quick Answer page for more details. Divisions which include; Taxation, Motor Vehicles, Enforcement (Auto, Gaming, Liquor, Marijuna and Racing) and Colorado Lottery.  

Complete the web form that addresses your concern for the fastest assistance from the Citizens' Advocate. If you do not know which division, complete the web form closest to your concern. 
Most Asked Questions
Q. How do I register my vehicle?  Where are my tags? 
A.You may be able to register your vehicle or renew your registration online at myDMV under the Vehicle Services tab. 
If you are unable to renew online contact your county DMV
How do I get a duplicate title?
A. You may request a duplicate title online at myDMV or by mail.Visit the DMV website for instruction on requesting a title by mail.  Contact your county DMV for the status of your title

Q. How do I replace my lost or stolen driver license/ID?
A. Visit the DMV website for information on replacing your driver license or ID. 


Ask for Help (choose the link that is most related to your inquiry)

Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Contact Driver Control for information on a suspended or revoked license.
Contact your county DMV with assistance with vehicle registration, titles, year/month tabs (stickers) and license plates.

Taxation Division

Visit the Colorado Secretary of State's website for trade name or business license information
Visit Where's My Refund for your tax refund status
Report Tax Fraud (you will be redirected to the Taxation Division website)
Enforcement Division (Auto Industry, Gaming, Liquor/Tobacco Enforcement, Marijuana Enforcement or Racing) 
Contact the local police or sheriff's office with concerns regarding law enforcement.
Complaint against an Auto Dealer (you will be redirected to the Auto Industry website.)
Complaint by Gaming Patron (you will be redirected to the Division of Gaming website.)
Complaint against a Liquor Store (you will be redirect to the Liquor Enforcement Division website)
Submit a compliment or complaint: DO NOT use this form if you are asking for assistance.
 Contact your county DMV for service comments regarding issuing of license plates or vehicle registration.