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Executive Director Search

Phillips County Economic Development is looking for qualified applicants for the Executive Director Position.  The Executive Director shall be responsible for all facets of the operations of the Phillips County Economic Development Corporation.  General duties include administration of the office, budgeting and other fiscal matters, and management of the daily operations.  The Director will assist with implementing and monitoring the mission statement and the strategic plan developed by the Board of Directors.  The Director will also represent the Corporation to outside agencies, organizations, and individuals. Resume and Cover Letter may be emailed to admin@phillipscountyco.org.  Please call Julia Biesemeier at 970-580-3614 for questions or more information.  Click here for the full Executive Director Job Description.

2017 Membership Drive

Since 2000, PCED has had the privilege of pursuing common economic goals set out by our county’s leadership in both the private and public sectors. This past year, we have had the pleasure of working with our local Chamber of Commerce groups, area youth and service groups, private businesses, and local governments.  We are a resource driven catalyst the aids in the overall economic growth of Phillips County. We provide resources and information to help create jobs, reatain and expand business, and encourage youth apprenticeship and entrepreneur development.  Please consider joining us as a member!