Process Improvement

Colorado's performance management system utilizes many best-in-class process improvement methodologies to increase efficiencies across state government. Over the past five years, the state has had a strong emphasis in the Colorado Lean program, instilling a culture of continuous improvement, in a frame of results-based governance, among state employees. Looking forward, Colorado will build on the success of Lean and provide new training opportunities in agile methodology and contract management certification. 


Learn more about previous work with Colorado's Lean program below: 

Colorado's Lean program demonstrates how a customer-focused culture is not only possible but also suceeds in the public sector. Our program provides guidance, training, and support to state departments to employ Lean tools in order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and elegance with which government goods and services are provided. The Colorado SOLVE Guide is our method of Lean problem solving that helps Colorado employees streamline work processes that have become inefficient, freeing up time and resources to perform tasks that really matter to our customers. 

The Lean program demonstrates a leap in innovation through:

  • Inclusiveness across all Executive Branch departmets
  • Identification of "the customer" in a public sector workplace
  • Treating employees with respect

Colorado's Lean program empowers the state's workforce not only to improve processes for its citizens and customers, but it has started a transformation in culture with a focus on continuous improvement.


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Quick resources:

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Watch our intro video to learn more about Lean in Colorado:

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