Improve DMV customer experience

Why is this important to Colorado?

The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides services used by nearly every resident of the State of Colorado. This situation makes the DMV the face of government for a majority of the growing number of residents. Management and employees are committed to a vision of becoming a high performing team with dedicated employees striving to improve our organization, procedures, and information technology systems. With these improvements, the DMV aims to provide a customer experience to all residents that treats everyone with respect and delivers a high quality product in the most efficient way possible.  

How do we measure success?


  • Establish a baseline for the total customer experience time by end of CY 2017.
  • By June 30, 2018, Driver License customer transactions will be seen within 15 minutes 70% of the time in Wait Less equipped Driver License offices
  • Driver’s License customers with appointments will be called to the counter within 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment time 92% of the time in Wait Less equipped Driver License offices
  • Increase the number of Driver’s License and Identification Card renewals on-line by 5% over the previous year
Status Outcome Measure Outcome Baseline (June 2015) Actual (June 2016) Actual (June 2017) Outcome Target Target date
Work in Progress Total customer experience time TBD- December 2017 N/A N/A TBD- January 2018 2018
Work in Progress
DMV office wait times for walk-ins 46.70% 54.1% 73% 70% 2018
DMV office wait times for appointments 87% 90.9% 94.5% 92% 2018
Online driver's license renewals 135,451 186,655 207,801 218,191 2018

Source: DMV

What actions are we taking?

  • The DMV is continuing its work improving customer service through four areas of focus outlined in the DMV Strategic Plan. The four focus areas of improvement in the plan include: Organization, Procedures, Facilities and Information Technology. Considerable improvements have been made in each area and have all contributed to significant reduction in wait times and improved customer service.  
  • The work continues with emphasis on training managers in under-performing offices how to achieve positive results, expanding office hours in six additional Front Range offices, and implementation of the Phase I roll-out of the Colorado DRIVES system replacing the inefficient Driver License System (DLS) on February 21, 2017. In addition, the DMV is working within its appropriation to improve the conditions of offices by moving or expanding offices as feasible with existing leases.
  • In early September 2017, the Driver License section created an opportunity for driver license front-line employees (state-wide) to easily make suggestions regarding processes, procedures and general ideas to the Operations Manager and Driver License administration. A Google form was created and the link was made available for all employees to have fast and easy access to submitting their suggestions. Once submitted the suggestions are sent via email to the Operations Manager and automatically logged onto a Google sheet for tracking purposes. The Operations Manager responds to suggestions within 48 hours.