Department Performance Plans

Department Performance Plans summarize the near-term strategic and operational priorities for each department. They are designed to explicitly connect organizational objectives to a system for achieving these priorities. Each plan contains details about the work of each department down to the level of individual processes by which we deliver goods and services to our customers, residents of Colorado. Click on a department below to see current and past performance plans.

The department names are alphabetically ordered below. View the department performance plan by clicking on the department logo.

Departments: A-G | H-K | L-N | O-P | Q-Z


Departments A-G


department of agriculture

Colorado Energy Office

Colorado Energy Office


department of corrections


department of education


Departments H-K

Health Care Policy & Financing

health care policy and finance

Higher Education

department of higher education

History Colorado

History Colorado

Human Services

department of human services

Judicial Branch

judicial branch


Departments L-N

Labor & Employment

department of labor and employment


department of law

Local Affairs

Department of Local Affairs

Military & Veteran's Affairs

Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs

Natural Resources

Department of Natural Resources


Departments O-P

Office of Economic Development & International Trade

Office of Economic Development and International Trade

Office of Information Technology

Office of Information Technology

Personnel & Administration

Department of Personnel and Administration

Public Employees' Retirement Association

Public Employees' Retirement Association

Public Health & Environment

Department of Public Health and Environment

Public Safety

Department of Public Safety


Departments Q-Z

Regulatory Agencies

Department of Regulatory Agencies


Department of Revenue

*Secretary of State

Secretary of State


Department of Transportation


Department of Treasury

*Updates to come

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