About Us

Welcome to Colorado's Office of Operations website. This team oversees the Governor's Office performance management system as required by the SMART Act. The SMART Act requires Colorado to do three things: 

  • Establish a performance management system for managing state agencies

  • Incorporate continuous process improvement

  • Ensure state employees are trained in performance management and process improvement


To accomplish this, the Operations Team is driven by the following mission and vision: 

Vision: Coloradans experience state government that is relevant, responsive, and bold.


Mission: To empower state agencies to build a culture of operational excellence 

and bold innovation driven by continuous performance improvement.



We achieve results by: 

  • Defining statewide goals and department-specific strategic policy initiatives within the Executive Branch

  • Identifying the high-impact strategies we must employ to achieve our priorities and goals

  • Creating a system of reporting and evaluation at the statewide and department levels to maintain accountability, and 

  • Empowering every state employee with the tools, training, and opportunity to improve the way we deliver government goods and services




If you have questions about Colorados' performance management system, please contact hana.sayeed@state.co.us