Records and Licenses Information


The recording department is responsible for processing and preserving documents presented for recording as public record. Some records date back to 1887. All records are open to the public and certified copies of any document of record are available for a fee. Records include real estate, UCC, military discharges, school records (limited information), Articles of Incorporation, maps, plats, surveys, marriage licenses and civil union certificates.

C.R.S. 30-10-406(3)(a) states a 1” margin at the top is required on documents to be recorded.

Any transfer deed with consideration exceeding $500.00 will be assessed a State documentary fee of $.01 per $100.00.

C.R.S. 38-35-109(2), states that all deeds shall include a notation of the legal (mailing) address of the grantee. This address is used to determine where tax statements should be mailed after a property is sold.

Fees: $10.00 for the first page, $5.00 for each additional page plus a $3.00 surcharge.
Mail recording to Washington County Clerk and Recorder, PO Box L, Akron, CO 80720.
Drop off, UPS or FED EX: Washington County Clerk and Recorder, 150 Ash Avenue, Akron, CO 80720.

Each document must have a return mailing address. All documents are recorded the day received and the originals are mailed back typically within 2 days after recording.


It’s fast, easy and efficient. Washington County Clerk and Recorder currently receives electronically recorded documents through the following vendors:

Lynn Wilkey

CSC eRecording Solutions
Joseph M. DeLuca

ePN (eRecording Partners)
Pamela Trombo
eRecording manager
888.325.3365 ext 11240

Indecomm Global Services
Jeff Carlson – SVP

Submitters and receivers can create, sign, transmit, record, index, archive and return the original document – all without ever touching a piece of paper. Title companies and other businesses involved in real estate transactions are increasing their use of electronic documents in an effort to increase the speed, efficiency and accuracy of document filing. As a result, the community benefits from processes that are more accurate, faster and cost-effective.

Copies of Recorded documents are $.25 per page plus $1.00 to certify a document.

Washington County has Land in Torrens.
The primary principle of the Torrens System is that title to the land itself is registered. This differs from the recording system, where only evidence of title is recorded. Under Torrens, the act that conveys the land is the registration of the title in the appropriate local government office. The Clerk and Recorder is the Registrar of Titles.

Policy on Legal Advice:

  • The goal of our office is to provide as much public information to citizens as possible.
  • However the clerk and recorder or staff members cannot give legal advice. This includes assisting or advising what documents to record, completing the documents, or assessing the legality or correctness of a document.
  • The clerk's office does not provide forms.