Civil Union Licenses

A Civil Union License in Colorado may be obtained during regular business hours, in accordance with the requirements outlined below. The license is valid upon issue and must be used, in Colorado, within 35 days. The fee is $30.00.

Guidelines for Obtaining Civil Union Licenses in Colorado

Applicant must provide proof of identity and date of birth. All identity documents must be in English. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Military Identification
  • Birth Certificate (Presenting a birth certificate as proof of age and/or identity requires some form of photo ID).
  • Both Parties must appear in person in order to be issued a Civil Union License. If this is no possible, one party must appear with a completed and notarized absentee affidavit.

Age Requirements – Same for both parties

  • 18 and older – No parental consent is required.
  • 16 and 17 – Consent of both parents, parent having legal custody, legal guardian, parent having decision-making responsibility, parent with whom child is living, or judicial approval is required.
  • Younger than 16 – Consent as listed above AND judicial approval (court order) are required – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Parents Consent Form

Social Security Numbers
Social Security Numbers ARE required on civil union license applications (C.R.S. 14-14-113).

If a party does not have a Social Security Number, the Affidavit Concerning Social Security Number must be completed and submitted at time of application for a marriage license. It may be signed and notarized in advance or signed in from of the deputy county clerk at time of application.

Prohibited Civil Unions

Civil Union Licenses will NOT be issued if:

  • If either party has been previously married or party to a civil union, that party must provide:
    Name of Spouse or name of other party
    The date of the dissolution or death
    Type of court where the dissolution took place
    The location where the dissolution or death occurred (city/state)
  • Applicants for Colorado Civil Union License do not need to be Colorado residents.
  • Civil Union Licenses issued in Colorado are only valid for use in Colorado.
  • Once the Civil Union has been solemnized, the license must be returned to the issuing County Clerk for recordation within 63 days from the date of the ceremony.
  • Marriage between the following is prohibited regardless of whether the relationship is by half or whole blood:
    Ancestor or descendant
    Brother and sister
    Uncle and niece
    Aunt and nephew
  • Marriage between cousins is permitted in Colorado.
  • Civil Union Licenses issued by another state are NOT valid for solemnization in Colorado.

Persons authorized to certify civil unions

A civil union may be certified by a judge of a court, by a district court magistrate, by a county court magistrate, by a retired judge of a court, by parties to the civil union, or in accordance with any mode of recognition of a civil union by any religious denomination or Indian nation or tribe.


The person solemnizing the civil union shall complete the marriage certificate form or civil union certificate and forward it to the Clerk and Recorder’s office within sixty-three days (63) after solemnizing. Any person who fails to forward the marriage license or the civil union certificate to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office shall be required to pay a $20.00 LATE FEE and an additional $5.00 LATE FEE may be assessed by each additional day of failure up to a MAXIMUM of $50.00.

Please return completed marriage license or civil union certificate to:
Washington County Clerk and Recorder
150 Ash Avenue
PO Box L,
Akron, CO 80720-0380

Marriage licenses or civil union certificates must include the county and location where the marriage took place, the date of the civil union, the officiating party’s signature and title and the signatures of the two parties to the marriage.

Marriage Copies

$0.25 per license / $0.25 per application – Certified is an additional $1.00 per document.
Request for Marriage License or Civil Union Certificate copy Form
A Request for Civil Union Application Copy form, along with valid form of identification, is required to obtain a copy of a civil union application.

Name Change
Your civil union license or certificate must be returned and recorded before a name change can be made.

Name Change Contact Information