Director - Collin Patterson


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Washington County Ambulance Service to provide the most professional and highly trained pre-hospital care to the clients as possible. Is our duty to increase public relations within Washington County as well as other local areas and state offices. We are to encourage the initial and continuing medical education of the volunteer staff and stay abreast of the ever-changing scopes of practice for our EMT's.

We strive to promote and foster better pre-hospital intervention for patients and families and work on trauma issues as they relate to our regional trauma advisory council. We take pride in our professional and our volunteer staff and will continue to upgrade our facilities and billing services to our patient base. We are dedicated to LEARN, LEARN, and LEARN and to keep an OPEN MIND about CHANGE.

The ambulance service operates from the Washington County Sales Tax.

Washington County Ambulance Services (WCAS)

133 Birch Street
Akron, CO 80720
Phone: (970) 345-2672
Fax: (970) 345-0140


Ambulance Service Classes

  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)- The emergency method combining clearing the breathing passage with chest massage and sometimes drugs. It is used to start breathing and blood circulation in a Cardiac-arrest victim.
  • First Responder
  • EMT Basic
  • IV Approval
  • Basic EKG
  • Continuing Education


EMS Staff Members

Nicole Thompson Dell Cowan Tony Wells Matthew Brent
Dianna Levin Gary Dutton Jordan Riley Garrett Strobel
Randy Benish Linda Hardesty Jennifer Kraich Jaydan Brotton
Kelly Chenoweth Walter L. Hardesty Bryant McCall  Ashley Thompson
Rick Chenoweth Cassandra Gomez Jerry Morris  


Ambulance Fee Schedule 2020

  Basic Life Support Base Rate Non-Emergency: $1400.00
  Basic Life Support Base Rate Emergency: $1400.00
  Advanced Life Support Base Rate Non-Emergency: $1450.00
  Advanced Life Support Base Rate Emergency: $1500.00
  Advanced Life Support Base Rate Level 2: $1800.00
  Basic Life Support Mileage: $    25.00 per mile
  Advanced Life Support Mileage: $    25.00 per mile
  Extrication $   250.00
  Stand By per hour charge $   250.00
Billing Fee Schedule for Washington County Designated Emergency Response Authority
  ON-SCENE COMMAND VEHICLE (private pickup) $ 60/hr       $.48.5/mile
  COUNTY HAZMAT TRAILER $150/hr      $.48.5/mile
  DERA UNIT (portable) $ 60/hr       $.48.5/mile
  SHERIFF DEPT. VEHICLE varies depending on situation
  EMS-ALS STAFF $ 40/hr
  EMS-BLS STAFF $ 30/hr
  SHERIFF DEPT. STAFF varies depending on situation consumable costs will be billed as actual replacement costs.


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