Youth Activity Committee

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Walsenburg Youth Advisory Committee
525 S. Albert Avenue
Walsenburg, CO 81089


A Walsenburg Youth Advisory Committee was created in 2011 to make recommendations to City Council for the disbursement of a Youth Activity Fund. (see Ordinance No. 999) In 2013 the committee was revised and membership requirements were modified (see Ordinance No. 1027).

Membership and Terms of Office

The Committee consists of five members, one Councilman appointed by the Mayor and four members appointed by City Council. Members. Members serve 4 year staggered terms.

Current Committee Members

The Committee is currently inactive through attrition but the City desires to reinvigorate it. If you would be interested in serving you may submit a letter of intent to the above address or via email to

Position Person Term
City Council vacant  
At Large vacant  
At Large vacant  
At Large vacant  
At Large vacant  


The principle duty of the Youth Advisory Committee is to review applications for funding according to established criteria and make recommendations to City Council regarding approval and funding level.

In addition to reviewing funding requests the Youth Advisory Committee

  • provides advise to the City Council regarding Walsenburg youth programs, activities and projects,
  • serves as a liaison with other Walsenburg community youth and youth funding organizations.

Youth Activity Fund

The Walsenburg City Council has implemented a program to benefit Community Youth Activities. 

City utility customers may make a periodic donation with their utility bill or they may choose to contribute a set amount on a monthly basis. The money collected is kept in a fund set for donations to youth groups, screened, approved and accountable to City Council and a parent advisory board.

If you would like to periodically donate with your bill just add the amount of your contribution in the Box provided on your payment stub

If you would like to contribute on a monthly basis please fill out the form below.

Youth Activity Fund Donations

With set monthly donations please keep in mind that it will remain on your account until we are notified to remove it from your account.

Funding Requests

Youth Fund Application