Walsenburg Water Haul

Overview of the New Water Haul System

The city of Walsenburg provides water to area residents through with Water Haul System but the City has limited volumes of water it can sell for water haul due to restrictions imposed by the Division Water Engineer.

Some residents use cisterns for their potable water and obtain the water for their cisterns from the Walsenburg Water Haul System and City Council has adopted regulations that assure those depending on the Walsenburg Water Haul System for cisterns and similar domestic use have an ongoing source of potable water.

Finding it is necessary to control and accurately measure all water sold through the Walsenburg Water Haul System and the locations where the water will be used the City of Walsenburg has installed a new Water Haul measurement system to assure correct volume measurement and to assure the City remains compliant with Division Water Engineer restrictions at all times.

Water Haul Application

Water Haul Ordinance

Ordinance No. 1109

Water Haul Rates and Fees

Resolution 2017 R-24