Public Hearing - May 1, 2019 at 6:00pm - Sweetwater Group LLC, Special Use


Sweetwater Group LLC has applied for a Special Use/Variance for the City of Walsenburg for a Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility License Tier1 pursuant to Colorado law and local ordinance.  

The proposed licensed premises is located at 1335 Hwy 85/87, Walsenburg, Colorado. A tract of land located in the northwest Quarter of Section 4 and the Northeast Quarter of Section 5, Township 28 South, Range 66 west of the 6Th P.M., Huerfano County, State of Colorado more particularly described as follows:  

Commencing at the Northwest corner of said Section 4, thence S 18º 24’ 20” E for a distance of 791.40 feet to the true point of beginning, thence S 00º 59’10” W for a distance of 422.47 feet to a corner of a parcel of land as described in Book 369 at page 993; thence S 88º 00’ 15” W along the North line of said parcel of land as described in Book 369 at pate 993 for a distance of 402.70 feet; thence N 00º 54’57” E for a distance of 443.42 feet, thence S 89º 00’ 50” E for a distance of 402.70 feet to the true point of beginning.  

Containing 4.00 acres more or less. Subject to all easement and right–of-way of record.

Walsenburg Planning and Zoning will conduct a public hearing to determine if the applicant meets the requirements set forth in Ordinance No. 1057 and whether the proposed premises use conforms with the city of Walsenburg Zoning Ordinance as amended. The hearing for Planning and Zoning is at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 1, 2019 in the city council chambers at 525 S. Albert Ave., Walsenburg, CO at which time and place you may be present and heard.

City of Walsenburg, Colorado

525 S. Albert Avenue, Walsenburg, Colorado


Published April 18, 2019