About The Recent Drinking Water Notice

Walsenburg Water Is Safe To Drink

All Walsenburg water customers received a notice in the most recent utility bill.  Please be aware that the notice dated 12/28/2018 is a reporting violation not a violation related to water quality.   
The notice was required to be sent out by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) for not meeting the required reporting ratios for backflow device testing and for backflow method inspections for the 2017 calendar year reports.  The City is in full compliance for 2018.

Backflow devices prevent water from re-entering the distribution system after it has passed through the backflow device to prevent possible contamination.  The City has all the required backflow devices and methods in place.  These devices were inspected by CDPHE in 2018 during the sanitary survey and found to be compliant.  The City did not implement a backflow cross connection control program until October of 2017 where testing and inspections were required.  For the calendar year of 2017, we could not report compliance ratios for backflow devices and methods.  For calendar year 2018, we are in full compliance.