Historic Preservation Commission

The City of Walsenburg desires to protect and preserve the City's historic and cultural heritage as embodied in designated historic landmarks and districts, determining the protection and preservation of Walsenburg historic and cultural heritage will:

  • enhance property values that stabilize historic neighborhoods
  • increase economic and financial benefits by attracting tourists and visitors
  • increase public appreciation of Walsenburg unique heritage

In order to accomplish its desire the City established a Certified Local Government known as the Walsenburg Historic Preservation Board. [see CRS 29-20-104(1)(c)]

Contact Information


Current Board Members

Chairman Gaye Davis cgayedavis@gmail.com
​Vice Chairman vacant  
Secretary Patricia Burgess  
​At Large Rick Jennings rljman50@hotmail.com​
  Vivian Price  

Membership and Terms of Office

The board consists of five members appointed by majority vote of the Walsenburg City Council. At least 40% of the members shall be professionals in preservation related disciplines, and at least 40% of the members shall be a person who owns property or a business within the municipal limits of the city of Walsenburg.

Historic Preservation Ordinances

Ordinance No. 1067 -- An Ordinance Establishing A Certified Local Government CLG To Be Known As A City Of Walsenburg Historic Preservation Board

Ordinance No. 1098 --  An Ordinance Designating Historic Structure Pursuant To Ordinance Number 1098

Ordinance No. 1100 --  An Ordinance Amending Ordinance Number 1067 Modifying Requirement That 100% Of All Property Owners Within A Proposed Historic District Approved The Nomination Of A Historic District.


Preservation Nomination Form

What is a Certified Local Government?

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