Brian D. Lalander - Mayor

Contact Information

Mayor Brian D. Lalander
525 S. Albert Avenue,
Walsenburg, CO 81089

The Mayor is generally available for Walk In appointments from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Other meetings may be made by appointment with the Deputy City Clerk.



Mr. Lalander has been a resident of Walsenburg since 2010 and is serving his 1st term of office. His term expires in November 2021 and he is eligible for reelection.

Prior to being elected Mayor, he served as City Treasurer for a year and maintained the City website.



First Year Objectives

  • Ensure that the residents of Walsenburg have a voice in how our City government operates on their behalf.
  • Ensure the City has taken all necessary steps to protect public safety (including mitigation and disaster response) in the event of a flash flooding event resulting from the Spring Fire.
  • Ensure the City adopts a Municipal Code that reflects the needs and desires of the residents of Walsenburg by protecting their liberties while ensuring public safety.
  • Ensure the City adopts a Comprehensive Plan for the future development of Walsenburg that reflects the needs and desires of the residents and stakeholders.
  • Ensure a plan is in place to make the Wild Waters Aquatic Park sustainable.
  • Ensure the City has a long-term plan for meeting the needs of the City including a complete financial plan for achieving our goals incorporated in the 2021 Budget.

Second Year Objectives