Frequently Asked Questions


1. I'm seeing a problem on some of the property at Vista Ridge and I want to contact someone to address it. Who do I contact?

Vista Ridge is under the control of various entities (the Town of Erie, Colorado National Golf Course ("CNGC"), the Vista Ridge Metro District ("VRMD"), and the Homeowners' Association ("VRHOA"). Click here to view a map showing the various portions and the respective ownership/control of that area.

 2. What is the Vista Ridge Metropolitan District and what services does the Vista Ridge Metropolitan District provide to its residents and property owners?

The Vista Ridge Metropolitan District is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado, which operates pursuant to a Service Plan approved by the Town of Erie in February 2000 (as amended) in order to provide for the financing and construction of certain public improvements which Weld County, the Town of Erie or any other special district have determined they cannot feasibly or practically provide within the area of the District. The District was formed by Order of the Weld County District Court in 2000.

The Vista Ridge Metropolitan District designed and constructed collector streets (including adjacent landscaping) for Vista Parkway, Mountain View Blvd., Skyline Drive, Sunset Drive and a portion of Sheridan Blvd.; major water lines; major sanitary sewer lines; major storm drainage facilities; entry monumentation along State Highway 7; certain fencing; the non-potable water irrigation system, and other improvements in the community’s parks and greenbelts. Upon completion of construction, the District dedicated the roadways, water lines, sewer lines, drainage facilities, and certain other public facilities for operation and maintenance to the Town of Erie.

The District shall continue to maintain the community’s trails, greenbelts and certain landscaped open space areas along the collector streets, the pedestrian sidewalks within the open space and the non-potable water system. The District performs snow removal on the collector street sidewalks and on community trails within Vista Ridge, while the Town of Erie is responsible for snow removal on the streets. Should you need more information regarding snow removal on the streets, you may contact the Town of Erie, Public Works Department at 303-926-2870, or view their website at

The District has not been involved in the financing, construction, ownership or operation of the Golf Course.