Military Retiree Information


Do I qualify for a Military ID Card?

If you are 100% Permanent and Total you are eligible for a Commissary privileges card. You may obtain your card from any base ID card office; some Guard and Reserve centers have an ID card section. To qualify, the veteran must present a letter from VA specifying that are in receipt of 100% disability.

When the Military Retiree is deceased the military ID must be updated reflecting the change. The Sponsor/Service/Status block changes to Branch of Service/DEC for deceased. The dependent ID card will continue to show the Sponsor’s Social Security number for 10 years. After that time, the surviving spouse’s social security number will appear in the relationship block.

Regularly check the expiration of your ID to ensure it is up to date.

For questions call DEERS: 1-800-538-9552.


Applying for your Guard/Reserve Retired Pay

For most military members your retirement pay does not automatically appear in your bank account when you turn 60. In order to receive your retirement pay you must complete a Reserve Retired Pay Application first. Remember to return the packet on time (some branches mail it to you as early as your 58th birthday) otherwise  you may face penalties. For more information or to request your packet:


  • Air Force Reserve and National Guard
    Air Reserve Personnel Center Retirements Branch – HQ ARPC/DPPR
    6760 E. Irvington Place
    Denver, CO 80280-1900
  • Army Reserve and National Guard
    US Army HRC Attn: AHRC-PDR-RCR
    1600 Spearhead Division Ave.
    Dept 420, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5402
    800-813-5298 or 888-276-9472
  • Coast Guard Reserve
    Commanding Officer, Coast Guard Personnel Center
    444 S.E. Quincy St.
    Topeka, KS 66683-3591
    785-339-2200 or 866-772-8724
  • Marine Corps Reserve
    Marine Corps Mobilization Command
    15303 Andrews Road
    Kansas City, MO 64147
    800-255-5082 ext. 3395/3396/3397/3398
  • Navy Reserve
    Commanding Officer, Navy Reserve Personnel Center
    5722 Integrity Drive
    Bldg. 239, Millington, TN 38054


Retired Military Pay

Colorado has a pension/annuity subtraction where some retired funds are not taxed.

Retirees of the Armed Forced 55-64 may exclude $20,000 for Social Security and qualified retirement income.

Retirees 65+ may exclude $24,000 for Social Security and qualified retirement income.


Wearing Your Military Decorations

Military Retirees and Veterans may wear their decorations only on clean, serviceable garments during suitable situations. These are Patriotic Holidays, military service organization meetings, formal dress occasions, funerals, weddings, Scout or government functions. They look best on a clean suit jacket. Females should take care that their medals do no compete with jewelery or other accessories.

If you still fit in your uniform you may wear your decorations on it. If your uniform does not fit or is no longer serviceable, do not “mix and match” old and new uniform items, You may only wear a uniform from your service period or a complete new set. If you are a retiree, wear your retiree pin on your lapel.

Your ribbons and medals must at all times be in a good repair – no stains or frays, pinned down flat as in active duty and all displayed in their proper sequence. Your DD214 will list your authorized ribbons.

If you have list your decorations you may request a duplicate set:


Honoring the American Flag

During the Pledge of Allegiance: Military retirees and Veterans may place their hand over their hearts.

During the passing, raising or lowering of the flag: Military retirees and Veterans may salute the flag.

During the National Anthem: Military retirees and Veterans may salute the flag.