Work to Begin on UTSD Utility Infrastructure Project

(Estes Park, Colorado) The Upper Thompson Sanitation District (District) will begin a utility infrastructure improvement project, slated to start work March, 2019. In ongoing efforts to rehabilitate aging sewer infrastructure, the District is replacing six sanitary sewer river crossings at various critical locations throughout the Estes Valley. Three repair sites are located in and along the Fall River drainage with two sewer crossings adjacent to Fish Hatchery Road, and one sewer crossing near Pine Haven resort. Two river crossing repair sites in the Big Thompson River drainage include a 24-inch sewer main, located near the Estes Park Visitor Center, and another repair site in the Lower Broadview area. The final stream crossing repair site is situated within the Scott Ponds open space in Carriage Hills, just north of Lakeshore Drive.

Following the 2013 flood, these sites were identified as high-risk crossings due to incurred concrete encasement damage, encasement exposure and undercutting, and river bank erosion or destabilization. The UTSD is replacing all pipe and encasements at each site with new ductile iron pipe and concrete encasement. The work includes stream channel rip-rap reinforcement along the sewer crossings, as well as stream bank stabilization around the crossing entry and exit points.

Construction includes restoration of all disturbed areas including stream banks, trails, and staging sites. Vehicular traffic impact is expected to be minimal and may include occasional lane shifts or closures during installation of sewer bypass pumping systems. No customer sewer service impacts or disruptions are expected during construction. Pedestrian traffic impacts are expected at public trails along the Fall River, Scott Ponds, and EP Visitor Center sites. The District has secured all required permitting from the Army Corps of Engineers for river work along with county and local jurisdiction floodplain permits. Additional updates will be provided as the project moves forward. The public is encouraged to continue monitoring the District’s website at for project updates, or contact Chris Bieker, UTSD District Manager at 970-586-4544 office, email, for questions and further information.