Fee Schedule 2020

2020 Service Charge Rate Schedule.pdf

Permit/Connection Fee:                        $300.00

System Development Fee/SFE:             $8,700.00

Combined Fees for Base Rate:              $9,000.00


Non-metered Customers/year/SFE:        $574.00

Metered Customers:                             $10.20/Per 1,000 Gallons

Access Charge:                                   $7.28 Per Connection Per Month



Sewer Jet Service                                                                   $175.00/hour with one operator

TV Truck Service                                                                     $150.00/hour with one operator

Sewer Jet and TV Truck Service                                          $300.00/hour with two operators

4-inch Line TV Inspection for District Customers:         $100.00 per hour, minimum two hours per inspection

4-inch Line TV Inspection for non-District Customers: $150.00 per hour, minimum two hours per inspection



For more information on District rates and fees, see District Rules and Regulations: Appendix A-Schedule of Rates and Fees

Service charges are billed quarterly. You may pay your bill by Auto Bill Pay, check or cash.

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