HUTF Distributions

Highway Users Tax Fund (CRS 43-4-201-207)

County Payments       

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City Payments 

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SB18-001 Breakdowns - Bill Text  

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SB19-262 Breakdowns - Bill Text 

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HUTF Summary of Revenues and Expenditures (FY2009 - FY2015) .xls .pdf

(The net FASTER city and county distributions are included in the monthly HUTF city and county payments above.)


FASTER (SB 09-108)

FASTER, Funding Advancements for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery, was signed into law on March 2, 2009. The legislation generates increased revenues for statewide transportation improvements.

Revenues generated from the Road Safety Surcharge, Oversize/Overweight Surcharge, Rental Car Surcharges, and late vehicle registration fees are credited to the Highway Users Tax Fund (HUTF) and distributed per statute to the Colorado Department of Transportation, counties, and municipalities.

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FASTER County Distribution | FASTER City Distribution
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FASTER Facts Sheet